Schneeberg Timber Transport Ditch


Historical records of ore mining in the Ore Mountains begin in 1168, when silver ores were discovered in the vicinity of today's Freiberg. More than 800 years of mining history of the Ore Mountains are based on this discovery.

The Schneeberg Floßgraben (timber transport ditch) was constructed between 1556 and 1559 primarily for carrying wood to the Schneeberg and Schlema metallurgy sites. Later, the water sourced from the Zwickauer Mulde (river) was used to drive various mills and as service water. The ditch starts at the Rechenhaus (rake house) by Albernau, where the Floßrechen (rake) in the Zwickauer Mulde (river) was located. The Rechenhaus, which served the log and screening master as a residence, was completed in 1559. Since the 19th century it has been primarily used as a public house. The ditch runs along the left bank of the Zwickauer Mulde passing various mining installations, including a wolframite mine closed in 1956 and various adit mouths, and flows on to Schlema above the town of Aue. Here the water passes via cascades through the new created spa park, which is part of a rehabilitation project of a former uranium mine.