Water Management System and Markus Röhling Adit


Historical records of ore mining in the Ore Mountains begin in 1168, when silver ores were discovered in the vicinity of today's Freiberg. More than 800 years of mining history of the Ore Mountains are based on this discovery.

The remarkable water management systems included the Schreckenberg motive-water supply system, which was built in 1788 and subsequently modified. The water was fed from the eastern slope of the Sehma (river) via an aqueduct and the modified Orgelstolln (adit) to the underground water wheels. The motive-water, used by the Kunstgezeuge (mine water pumping systems), together with pumped groundwater, was then discharged via the Markus Röhling adit, later via the deeper Jungen St. Andreas adit.

The Markus Röhling mine with its adit and underground galleries from the 18th/19th century (silver and cobalt mining) and wheel chambers (18th century) as well as the galleries of the 20th century (uranium mining) became the most important mine in the Annaberg-Frohnau Mining Landscape in particular due to the opening up of high-grade ore zones.