Ore Canal, related mines and Halsbrücke smeltery


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Located in the Northern Freiberg mining district, the ore canal and the most important related mines Churprinz August Friedrich Erbstolln and Alte Hoffnung Gottes Erbstolln, and the Halsbrücke smelting place are lined from south to north between the former mining settlements of Halsbrücke and Kleinvoigtsberg along the Mulde River. The section of the ore canal of the Churprinz Friedrich August Erbstolln mine runs along the right bank of the Freiberger Mulde River, south-west of the tub boat lift. The Halsbrücke smeltery is located at Halsbrücke in the Freiberger Mulde valley, not far from the mining sites on the Halsbrücker Spat. It is part of the component part of the Freiberg Mining Landscape, to which it is connected by on the surface by the Mulde river to the Freiberg central mining district and the Gersdorf mining landscape in the north.

The ore canal with related mines encompasses the complete process of extraction, ore transportation and processing of silver ore from the 18th to the 20th century in the Freiberg northern mining district. Partly built over today, both mines were originally connected to the ore canal which was been used to transport the ore to the Halsbrücke smeltery.